Artist Statement

It all starts in darkness. Then suddenly light appears. I see hoofs, hands, leather, gas masks, pleasure and punishment. Collectively, they are all there for me to witness and laugh with them.

Come with me into this provocative underworld. A world I am immersed within. Where everything is sincere, even as brutal and painful as it may seem. Things that are covered, hidden or invisible to others is what I want to glorify. Where colors can be seen in blackness and rhythms can be heard in silence.

Despite my classical training, I allow the time I exist in with all the media, politics, fashions, day to day experiences and hitting moments to document and shape my vision.

My work starts in the middle of a period of experimentation and creative chaos. Everything is dusty and all over the place due to charcoal, pencils, pastels, watercolor, clay, metal and casting experiments. From there, a long process of refinement and time spent in the details either brings new life to material that I have chosen or often enough, has chosen me.

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